School: An Drom Clochach (B.)

Dromclogh, Co. Kerry
Pártholán Ó Ruadhacháin

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The Diet of the Old Irish People

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0408, Page 006

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Long ago, the old people lived on three meals a day - breakfast, dinner and supper. They ate potatoes at every meal and sometimes gruel. Their diet consisted of potatoes and skimmed milk, and they had no tea whatsoever, and they were strong and healthy.

For dinner they ate potatoes and fish salt, and butter milk, and for supper a portion of Idian meal stirabout was made. When the festival of Christmas came they made "stampy" of potatoes which they grated, putting it on a big flag stone on the front of a big fire and when it was baked they took it up and ate it with skimmed milk and that was their Christmas supper.
The old people were great story tellers and they told stories to their family during the long Winter nights. Bogdeal was very useful to the old people long ago when they had no lamps or candles, they only stuck splinters of bogdeal on the hob to show light to the people of their houses.

Daniel Lynch
Mountcoal, Co. Kerry