School: Clochar na Toirbhirte, Lic Snámha (roll number 11849)

Lixnaw, Co. Kerry
An tSr. Gabriel
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0410, Page 275

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0410, Page 275

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  1. In Lixnaw, many years ago lived the Lucene, a section of the Milesian horde, which overran Ireland. From this Luceni Lixnaw takes its name. A landmark for the whole countryside is the curious domed building, standing on a slight eminence, not far from the railway station. This building marks the last resting place of the Earls of Kerry, the centre of whose vast territory was this village. The whole barony of Clanmaurice formerly belonged to this family of Fitzmaurice.
    Lixnaw was not always the unimportant place it is at the present day. Formerly, a strong castle stood where the grass now
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    Lixnaw, Co. Kerry
    Maureen Dore
    Ballynageragh, Co. Kerry