School: An Mhainistir i gCill Chiaráin

Kilkerrin, Co. Galway
An Bráthair Féidhlim Ó hAlmhain

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0080, Page 223

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Once upon a time there lived a captain of an army in Ireland. He was called away to a war in France leaving his wife and steward and cook in charge of the tentants. When he was gone a while the cook and steward got married.
One day the steward sent for two of the tenants ordered them to bring the old lady to the forest and to kill and to bring back her two eyes to him. The man hated to do it so they throught of a plan. The old lady had a pet dog named Jet. The brought the old lady and Jet to the forest and killed Jet and brought home his eyes to the steward.
The steward now thought the old lady was banished so he wrote false letters to the captain saying the old lady died broken-hearted. The captain believed these things.
After the war the captain came home in good health. One day there was a hunt and the captain led the hounds. Towards evening they rose a female deer. The deer gave good chase and at length ran into a hut in the forest. When the captain came to the hut he saw a woman keeping out the hounds. He knew the woman to be his wife

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Larry Connor
Carrowntober East, Co. Galway
Mrs Mary Connor
over 80
Carrowntober East, Co. Galway