School: Cill Chiaráin

Kilkerrin, Co. Galway
Caitlín, Bean Uí Chuimín

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0080, Page 125

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There is a fort in a field adjoining our land. One night long ago the man of the house went out looking for a calf that did not come with the rest of the cattle. he passed by the fort and he thought he heard his name called. He listened again, it was called plainer but he could not see anyone. Then an old wisened looking man with a big beard stood before him and asked in a very friendly way how he was. Pat Dowling - for this was the man's name who was looking for the calf, answered and said, you have an advantage of me, you seem to know me well and I don't think I ever saw you before. The fairy said, I see you every day and I will be a thousand years old tomorrow and I am thinking about getting married tomorrow. You will do me a favour if you meet me here tomorrow night said the fairy. Pat promised and kept his word. The next night he came to the place where the fairy was waiting with a

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Kitty Egan
Ahaun, Co. Galway