School: Caisleán Nua (C) (roll number 15772)

Newcastle, Co. Galway
Máire, Bean Uí Staic
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0079, Page 179

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0079, Page 179

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    cow. Beit, Beit is the name given for calling a calf. "Chown" for a sheep. "Fruris" is calling a sow and "Deoch," "Deoch" for a young pig. "Tuich Tioch" for calling a hen. "Beataidhe" calling a goose and a duck. "Biodh," "Biodh" is the name given for calling a turkey. Cows are tied by a chain around the neck; this chain is fastened to a stick by an iron staple which is made by our local blacksmith James Molloy Shudane.
    Years ago some farmers used to tie a piece of red flannel to the end of the cow's tail to prevent people over looking the cow and to stop people from taking the butter off her milk because lots of people in Ireland and in this parish were able to take the butter out of the milk. Some people have an "evil eye" those same are children. I'm told that there is some word omitted by their Godfather or Godmother in their Baptism and such people have an "evil eye" when they grow up. Some years ago the Kelly's of Bengarra had 4 or 5 cows; those cows had very little milk and not butter and when they would go to the churn the milk all they had was froth. The Kelly's reported the matter to the Dominican Frs in Esker that lived there at that time and told them their pitiful story about the cows having
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