School: Cloonkeen Kerrill (roll number 15429)

Clonkeenkerrill, Co. Galway
Theresa M. Hurley

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Cloonkeen Kerrill | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 403

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Landlord was gone the fool said to the priest "I will go and answer these questions if you give me your clothes". The priest gave him the clothes and he went to the Landlords house. The Landlord asked him "How long would it take me to go around the world?" "24 hours if you sat on the moon" said the fool. "What am I worth?" said the Landlord. "Our Lord was brought for 30 pieces of silver and he would be a fool that would give half of it for you said the fool. Then the Landlord said "What am I thinking of?", "You're thinking you're talking to a priest but your are only talking to a fool" said he.

One night Michael Cogavan was going home from work and he had a horse and trap. When he came to Scarrig's well in Gurteen, Woodlawn, County Galway the horse would not pass it. He had to go round by Tiaquin to go home. There was something on his back all the way home.