School: Cloonkeen Kerrill (roll number 15429)

Clonkeenkerrill, Co. Galway
Theresa M. Hurley

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 386

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Long ago the people said the following prayer when going to bed
"When I lay down my right hand,
I pray to god to be my guide,
There are four corners on my bed,
There are four angels on them spread
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
God bless this bed that I lie on.

A Night Prayer
When I lie on my right hand side
I pray to God to be my guide
When evils come to me Our Blessed Lady will waken me
God within, God without God bless
All about this house
Four corners on my bed
Four angels on them spread
Saints,Mark, Matt, Luke and John
God bless this bed that I lie on
If I die before I wake I pray of God my soul betake, Amen
When the Clock Strikes
Oh Lord this hour I give to thee
For all the past pardon me
I know that I must soon depart
Then hide me in thy Sacred Heart