School: Cloonkeen Kerrill (roll number 15429)

Clonkeenkerrill, Co. Galway
Theresa M. Hurley

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Old Crafts

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 356

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1. Candle making. The candles they used long ago were rushes. They cut rushes about nine inches long. They dried them by the fire and they took of the skin. They dipped them in grease which was made from butter or fat meat. They had iron candle sticks to hold them. The people of the district make them in the twelfth night all the time. Every one takes one and which ever candle quenches first the owner of the candle will die first.
2. Basket making. The people long ago made baskets out of sally-rods. They used to stick two sticks at each of four corners. Then they would plait rods together and entwine them between the sticks at the corners. They would make it about feet high. The finishing of the basket is called the buinín.
3. Spinning and weaving. Every woman long ago used to spin. Some old women still spin, Mr Dempsey and Mary Flannery, Colemanstown Ballinasloe, County Galway. Spinning was making thread out of wool. There were only two weavers in this parish long ago. Glynn in

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