School: Cloonkeen Kerrill (roll number 15429)

Clonkeenkerrill, Co. Galway
Theresa M. Hurley

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Local Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 343

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The People long ago had a number of cures for their diseases. (1) For a cold they boiled cabbage, drained out the water and drank it.
(2) For a cough they boiled butter and drank it. They boiled oaten meal in buttermilk with sugar for a cough. They called it Scailein. They drank oaten meal boiled in water.
(3) For a cut they let a dog lick it. They used to put Saint Partricks leaf called the Slanlus to a cut.
(4) For a burn they use a dock leaf.
(5) For the whooping cough they made the child go under an ass.
(6) If a child was stuttering they would catch an eel, boil him and give the child the soup.
(7) If you could not take out a thorn, catch a fox cutout his tongue and put it on the thorn for a night it would be out in the morning.
(8) There is a stone in Brian Mannion's field Killuane Gurteen, Woodlawn, County Galway and there is a hole down in the stone and it is always filled with water. There is a cure for warts in it. The people of the district has a lot of superstitions

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