School: Cloonkeen Kerrill (roll number 15429)

Clonkeenkerrill, Co. Galway
Theresa M. Hurley

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Old Hags

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 324

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Old Hags

There was an old hag living in Keave, Ballymacward, Woodlawn, County Galway long ago. Her name was Kitty. The people of the district was very kind to her except one family and they never spoke to her. She used to cause a lot of trouble to this family.

When they used to go milking the cows the cows would have no milk. This was going on for a long time until the man of the house went out early one morning to see if anyone was milking the cows. He waited a long time and at last who came but the hag with two big cans and a stool. She sat under one of the cows and started milking but the man never stirred. When she had one milked once she started to milk the other. The man ran out from where he was hiding and said "What are you doing". The hag ran away and the man set his dog after her and he gave the hag a bite in the leg. When he went to where the hag was living which was a little hut he said "Why did you milk my cow Kitty". She said "I did nothing out of the way" "Well" said the man "dont I see where the dog bit you when you were running away".
This story was told by John Kelly aged 58years of

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John Kelly
Keave, Co. Galway