School: Naomh Ruadhan, Gallach (roll number 1828)

Gallagh, Co. Galway
D. Ó Neachtain

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Naomh Ruadhan, Gallach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 165

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of the Assumption. When the oats became she went to tie the rest of it. When she had it all tied it rose of the ground and it went over the trees that were in the field. She watched it to see where it would fall. It fell in another field. Then the woman went to cross over the ditch. She saw a woman with a shawl who laughed at her then she disappeared.

Long ago when there was a big house in Hampstead there lived a man and his wife in the house. One day a rat came in and sat beside the fire and they were afraid to put him out.
After some time he opened the door and went out. Another night there was a dance in the same house and a motor car came in one door and out the other door In the car there was a man who owned the house one time and was dead.


One night two men were coming home from a wake and passing by

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