School: Naomh Ruadhan, Gallach (roll number 1828)

Gallagh, Co. Galway
D. Ó Neachtain

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Naomh Ruadhan, Gallach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 162

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him the six ft of the tree and he told him to get 4 or 5 horse carts of turf and to light a big fire beside the hole and to kill one of the best fat sheep he had and to throw one leg of it into the fire and to hide himself in a safe place and the wild cat would come out, the wild cat came out and he went round the fire 3 times and when he came round the fire the third time. Mr Blake shot him and he went into the hole and they got 4 or 5 horse carts of gold in it. From that time the Blakes has a wild cat for a coat of arms.

There was a certain house in Menlough and there was a wake in it. There were some men within one room playing tricks and they were making out they were hanging a man and they had him above on a basket and a rope round his neck and a very strange man came in and he gave a kick to the basket and the rope tightened round his neck and the man was dead. When the men were going out they saw that it was the devil, then they had 2 men dead.