School: Naomh Ruadhan, Gallach (roll number 1828)

Gallagh, Co. Galway
D. Ó Neachtain

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Naomh Ruadhan, Gallach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 161

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often for stonebruises is to get soap and sugar and to mix them together and to get a flannel cloth and to put it on the wound it would cure it.

Cure for Headache
The person that is suffering from the headache should get a cup of very strong tea and the person hold the head over the steam and this is said to cure it
Cure for Teethaches
When people get teethaches they use this cure, it is to get a piece of cotton and to put it in your ears and to tie a piece of cloth round your head it is said to cure it

Story of Mr Blake
Mr Blake who lived in Vermount went to Denmark to a certain man who knew a place where there was a treasure hidden. When Mr Blake asked the man he said to go to his father and his father was blind and to put a piece of a chip into his hand or he would take the power out of his hand. Then the man gave him a hatchet for to cut the tree that was growing near at the Corrib og Galway. He gave

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