School: Gearrbhaile (Garbh-dhoire?) (roll number 12110)

Garbally, Co. Galway
Mícheál Mac Giollabháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0077, Page 244

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0077, Page 244

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  1. Giant Stories
    Once a giant lived on a high cliff that stood on the bank of the Shannon. He built his castle there. He killed and ate the people's animals. He left a lighted candle outside his door every night, and every person who looked at the candle would die before morning. A young man named Regan sat out one night to kill the monster. He put on a magic cap that shaded his eyes from the candle. He found the candle blindfolded and threw it into the Shannon. Then the cap fell from his eyes. The giant ran out and Regan, who was six feet in height, was only up to his knee. Regan struck the giant with his sword, but the giant's skin was so tough that it broke Regan's sword. The giant paused for a moment after receiving the blow. While Regan had a chance he dived into the Shannon and swam across. The giant picked up a bit of the cliff about two tons weight, and threw it at Regan. As he did so he slipped and fell over the cliff. The stone fell on him and killed him.
    Once a king lived in the North of Ireland. He had only one daughter whom he wished to get married. At this time there were three princes in Ireland. One lived in the East, another in the west and the third in the South. They were known as Prince Sunrise, Prince
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