School: Dromlogach Mainistir na Féile (roll number 10908)

Dromlegagh, Co. Kerry
Eighneachán Ó Muircheartaigh

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Dromlogach Mainistir na Féile | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407, Page 631

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December my brother William and I were going to Listowel fair with pigs. We left as we thought about five o'clock but what happened but our clock was slow. We went away. And we facing Kelly's cottage our horse got very troublesome, very frightened and inclined to turn round. So and we crossing the cottage there were two men in front of it - one of them crosslegged sitting on a chair - the other clipping his head. The one sitting on the chair shouted and we passing - "Oh Hello Norrigan". That man was no other than John Kelly whom I knew well to be dead. I thought our horse would pull us up on the ditch she was so very frightened and she got so quiet when we passed the cottage. Of course we were in Listowel before the market gate was open as it was really only one o'clock when we left. I did get a fright that morning so when I was coming home I went to see where the head was clipping but not a rib of hair was to be seen.

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In the townland of Lisnoc, Duagh there is a nice pleasant meadow known as the "Cathair Geal".

In the townland of Lisnoc, Duagh there is a nice pleasant meadow known as the "Cathair Geal". I think it is now divided between two families of the O Briens. In days gone by it was surrounded by a wall, four feet wide and six feet high built without any mortar but fitted close together in a real circle. It contains about two acres. Inside its door was a flagstone six feet square. I saw it but some time afterwards it was taken away by night and split in several parts by men from Derry to make hearth-stones. It was a thing I would not like to have anything to do with. Then people

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