School: Dromlogach Mainistir na Féile (roll number 10908)

Dromlegagh, Co. Kerry
Eighneachán Ó Muircheartaigh

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Dromlogach Mainistir na Féile | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407, Page 571

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Long ago there was an old man whose name was Cotter na grúaige. He was a rat charmer. Anyone could not refuse him for anything. They were afraid he would send them the rats. He was passing a school one day, and the scholars were at him and he went into the master telling him about the scholars and the master said he had no command over the scholars when they were outside the school. The man said he would send him things soon that he would not have much command of, and the next evening there did over two hundred rats come on the road from the directionof Listowel and put up at the teacher's house where they remained three weeks until he sent for Cotter. They had what he had in the house eaten. He gave Cotter five pounds but to remove the rats and so he did.
Next morning the rats came together in the teacher's yard and came on for Abbeyfeale, travelling along the road out Kilconlea until they met their master Cotter, and then gave them directions for Knocknagoshel. There was a blind rat and he was not able to go with the rest. He told the master rat to lead him. The master rat then took up a cippin in his mouth and gave hold of it to the blind rat in his mouth.

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Long ago there was a priest in Brosna.

Long ago there was a priest in Brosna. One night he

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Éadhmonn Ó Dúbhda
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