School: Islandanny (roll number 5748/9)

Rea, Co. Kerry
Máire, Bean Uí Chatháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0406, Page 402

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0406, Page 402

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  1. In olden times before trains and motors were interduced into the country people were accustomed to do long journeys on foot and were known to walk distances that no body nowdays would dream of attempting.
    A notable walker in this parish was Thomas Stack a cooper and a comrade of his named Murphy who walked from Duagh to Dublin in 3 days. His object was to meet a son of his who was in the army and was about to leave Dublin for America. His son gave him money to travel but he would prefer to drink it and walk home.
    Another great walker was Patrick Collins who walked from Knockanor to Co Louth in 4 days.
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