School: Cluain Meacan (roll number 11451)

Cloonmackon, Co. Kerry
Liam Ó Catháin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0406, Page 173

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Once upon a time a man was coming home from a neighbours house and it was lat in the night.

Once upon a time a man was coming home from a neighbour's house and it was late in the night. When he came to a cross he saw a hare and he had cards in his hand. He asked the man to have a game of cards with him. The man said it was too late, and then the hare said it was better for the man to be going home. The man went away. He was not gone far when he saw a barrel and it was every colour. The man thought it would cut the legs from under him. He went to a light he saw not far away from him. It was in a bog. He went towards it. It was a little house and he went in. It was a man and a woman that were in it. They gave him water to wash his legs in it. He started washing his legs and he

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Tim Leahy
Cloonmackon, Co. Kerry