School: Uachtar Árd (roll number 4786)

Oughterard, Co. Galway
An tSr M. S. Iognáid
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0065, Page 216

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0065, Page 216

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  3. XML “Áitainmneacha”
  4. XML “Leigheasanna”

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    Speicin; it is on a height on the mountain and there is a rock on top of it. Long ago people did not care as much about land as they do now, if there was any strange persons going around long ago the people would give them a garden and they would build a little house on it for them selves and when they would go away the field would be called after them and that is the way some of the gardens got their names.
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  2. Long ago people had no doctors but they cured all kinds of diseases themselves
    Sore throats: To drink the juice of boiled nettles
    Toothache: To put a frog in your mouth would cure it
    Warts: To wash them with the water
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    1. activities
      1. medical practice
        1. folk medicine (~11,815)
    Siubhán Ní Fhlannchadha
    Rusheeny, Co. Galway