School: Scoil Sheosaimh Ntha (Cailíní)

Glennamaddy, Co. Galway
Úna, Bean Uí Threasaigh

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Care of the Feet

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0017, Page 278

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Long ago when the eldest girl in a house would get married the next girl would get a new pair of shoes.

It was usual for children to go bare-footed all the year round both summer and winter. As a rule people always throw out the water in which they wash their feet but it is not right to throw it out at night because the fairies would be after you.
There used be shoemakers long ago, and they used make alot of shoes. It is only lately that shop shoes came out. The shoe making trade was handed down from father to son. It was what they used make clogs from the uppers of old shoes with wooden soles.
Michael Doran or Harry Mulryan never wore a shoe.

Annie Waldron