School: Scoil Sheosaimh Ntha (Cailíní)

Glennamaddy, Co. Galway
Úna, Bean Uí Threasaigh

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Old Sayings

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0017, Page 241

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1. "Your Face is your Fortune" Long ago when a young girl would be going to get married and would be asking a fortune her parents would say, "Your Face is your Fortune".
2, "Your Pocket is your Friend". If a person was boasting about all the friends he has they would say, "Your Pocket is your Friend."
3. "It isn't off the wind she raised it." If a young person was wild or a great villain the people would say sure it is not off the wind she raised it
4. "A heavy purse makes a light heart" That means if a person had plenty of money he would have no troubles
5. "What is got handy is spent badly" That means if a person got money by fraud or trickery it would go badly from him.
6. "An empty sack cannot stand" That means if you had not any food to eat you would not live long.
7. "Long warning comes at last"
8. "If you do not sow in Spring, you won't reap

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Freda Warde
Michael Warde
Shannagh More, Co. Galway