School: Scoil Sheosaimh Ntha (Cailíní)

Glennamaddy, Co. Galway
Úna, Bean Uí Threasaigh

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Old Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0017, Page 208

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1 It is not right to start any work Saturday because it will be seven Saturdays before it is finished
2 It is not right to harness a horse Whit Monday
3 It is not right to go near water Whit Monday
4 It is not right to let meat out of a house without putting salt in it
5 When you see two hens fighting it is a sign of a visitor
6 It is not right to let a cake of bread out of a house without taking a bit off it.
7 It is not right to let a coal out of the house and you churning
8 It is not right to say God Bless us to a child that is not baptised
9 It is not right to let milk out of the house without water in it.
10 If a goat went into a garden of rods and ate some of them they will never grow.
11 It is an old saying that a baby gets a word of talk every feast day
12 If a goat has no milk to rub mettles (and) of her under and she would get it
13 It is never right to say or praise anything without saying God Bless it.

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Mary Moore
Mrs Moore
Lettera, Co. Galway