School: Cill Cruain (C) (roll number 11187)

Ballyglass South, Co. Galway
Brighid Ní Náradaigh, Cáit Bean Uí Standúin

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Cill Cruain (C) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 346

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up and shut the door. As he did so a purse of gold was blown in to his face and he said "It is an ill wind that blows no body good"
Another storm which was nearly as bad happened about thirty-two years ago. People say it was just as bad as the big wind of 1839 but that things were better protected and there was not as much harm done but still trees were knocked.
Another storm which began when the people were at mass caused terrible disturbance. When they came out of the church they could see nothing but sheaves flying off stacks of oats.
In 1917 there was a great snow storm which occured oo the last night of January and which remained on teh ground until St Patricks day. It began when the people were in bed . It was so high that the people could hardly open their door in the morning. A person would not know the road from the field.
People could not let out their cattle. Most people had to bing in snow and

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Mary Kate Morgan
Kilsallagh, Co. Galway