School: Cill Cruain (C) (roll number 11187)

Ballyglass South, Co. Galway
Brighid Ní Náradaigh, Cáit Bean Uí Standúin

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Old Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 308

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The old people of long ago were very skillful as regards the use of herbs and plants as cures for diseases of all descriptions.

Several of these cures were worked by charm. There were old men and women in this district Ballyglass and these alone had power to work it. An old man in my district was gifted with the charm for curing violent headaches. He used to do three different directions with a thread made of toe (the waste of flax). This he did on Monday's and Thursdays and on the following Monday again and said certain prayers on each occassion. The wearer kept the string on for a few days until gradually the pain disappeared.
It is also supposed that the touch of the hand of the seventh son of a family cured boils and ringworm.
It is also said that all sorts of sprains or dislocations on the limbs were cured by charm tying them with flax threads and saying certain prayers.

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Eileen Ryan
Turlough, Co. Galway