School: Cill Cruain (C) (roll number 11187)

Ballyglass South, Co. Galway
Brighid Ní Náradaigh, Cáit Bean Uí Standúin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 305

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The old people of my district are very "pisreoga" and superstitious and even to the present day the pisreoga still prevail among them. The following are some ; -

If a cool fall from the fire someone is expected to come in. If it is a red hole it will be a woman and if it is a smoky sod it will be a man.
If an old woman heard a woman whistling she would stop her as it is said that every time a woman whistles the Blessed Virgin bows her head in shame.
When people are getting married the people of the village throw old shoes after them, and tie an old shoe to the car in which they travel.
If you enter a graveyard and fall, it is supposed that you will be the next corpse. It is considered unlucky to wear a new garment for the first time at a funeral. Long ago when a pair got married it was the custom when the bride was entering her new home to break a cake of oat bread on her head.
When the married pair was returning home from the marriage it was regarded unlucky to cross certain streams and bridges, for instance Blackers Bridge and Glassaroe

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Mary Joe Nolan
Kilcooley, Co. Galway