School: Gort na Díogha (roll number 15587)

Gortnadeeve West, Co. Galway
Séamus Ó Dochartaigh, Bean Uí Dhochartaigh

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Gort na Díogha | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 055

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This is the way my father told me how
to play the fiddle.
Here and hue, + hue and there and
hue in the middle.

When I was young and innocent
I bought a fiddle for eighteen pence
And all the times that I could play,
Was to take up the cake and ate away.

Thomas Brennan
Knockmascahill, Co. Galway

No one had shoes but a very odd one and the polish they used was ashes mixed with butter made into a paste. Seldom this itself was used either. Strings were used instead of laces. Men wore báneens and big black hats. and the women had skirts with big flares. Old women wore little white bonnets, a lace edging and this was carefully ironed with a tally iron like sketch.

A little iron with long handle was heated and put into hole at A
It just filled up space like a heat wed the box iron. Then

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