School: Kilnagross (roll number 12317)

Kilnagross, Co. Leitrim
John Hunt
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 471

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0208, Page 471

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  1. Collected by: Kathleen Casey, Corderry, Kilnagross
    Obtained from Patrick McNabola, Corderry, Kilnagross
    Aged 76 years
    An old story.
    There were once two Irishmen whose names were jack and Jim. They were working in England. After some time they got married to two English wives. After a few months the(y) two English women decided to play a trick on Jack and Jim. When Jim came home to his dinner it was not ready. His wife told him it would be ready in a few minutes and to go to bed and rest for a while. Jim went to bed and fell asleep. When he was asleep his wife got a great lot of flour. She covered Jim with it so that he was as white a sheet. When he wakened she gave him a looking glass. When (s) he looked in the looking glass he thought he was dead. His wife told him go out and buy a coffin for himself. He went out and bought the coffin and went into it. In the meantime Jack's wife got him to go to bed and sleep. She got a lot of polish and blackened him with it. When he wakened she did not give him a looking (lookoo) glass as Jim's wife did but told him
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    AT1406: The Merry Wives Wager
    Kathleen Casey
    Corderry (Peyton), Co. Leitrim
    Patrick Mc Nabola
    Corderry (Peyton), Co. Leitrim