School: Drumshanbo (C.) (roll number 12873)

Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim
Margaret Flynn

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Drumshanbo (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0207, Page 046

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Spring is the favourable season for sowing seeds and April is the favourable month for sowing potatoes.
The preparation of the seed is usually left to the woman of the house. She seats herself at the kitchen fire on a little stool or box. Beside her are three vessels a creel in which the "splits" are kept a bucket in which the potatoes are kept and a little barrel in which the "cuttlings" are thrown.
For the purpose of cutting a short sharp knife is used around which a piece of cloth is tied to protect the hand from blisters. The potato is cut leaving an "eye" or two in every "split" to

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Bridie Cullen