School: Tulach Cliabháin (roll number 12972)

Tullyclevaun, Co. Leitrim
Eibhlín, Bean Uí Iarfhlaith
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0205, Page 401

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0205, Page 401

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  1. I have heard the old people telling that the Danes said when they were in Ireland that there was as much treasure hid in Cuilcha Mountains as would make the whole World rich.
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    1. genre
      1. belief (~391)
        1. folk belief (~2,535)
          1. treasure legends (~7,411)
    2. agents (~1)
      1. historical persons (~5,068)
        1. Cromwell (~315)
    3. objects
      1. man-made structures
        1. public infrastructure
          1. roads (~2,778)
    4. place-space-environment
      1. local lore, place-lore (~10,595)
    Mary Carrigan
    Pat Flynn
    Alteen, Co. Leitrim
  2. There is an old road that passes through Caven and Leitrim. The old people said it ran from Derry to Galway. It is the oldest road in the North West of Ireland.
    Cromwell's army travelled from Derry to Galway. When they came on of Connaught they fired at every person they saw in the fields.
    There was ash trees cut down in the townland of Shass by a Cooper called James Dolan of Derryvilanagher. When he was cutting them for use he got the balls that Cromwell's army fired at the people-the balls haven been hid in the ash trees. These balls haven been fired from the townland of Arlougher in
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