School: Tulach Cliabháin (roll number 12972)

Tullyclevaun, Co. Leitrim
Eibhlín, Bean Uí Iarfhlaith
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0205, Page 400

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0205, Page 400

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  1. There was a man the name of Dolan in this area long ago, one day he was out fishing. He saw a mermaid. He took her home and married her. They lived happily together and had a family of six.
    All went well until one day there came big wind. The cloak that the mermaid wore when she was takenf rom the river, was hid by the man in the thatch of the house. The wind got very strong, so the man had to get up on the house. Whilst he was tying down the thatch the cloak fell from the house. As soon as his wife saw it, she picked it up, and ran off to the river, and never was seen after.
    Ever since the old people say that no one should tell a dream to any person the name of Dolan as whatever Dolan says about the dream will come true.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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    Eibhlín Bean Uí Iarfhlaith