School: Mullach Dubh

Lisgorman, Co. Leitrim
Pádhraic Ó Blioscáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0203, Page 242

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0203, Page 242

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  1. Long ago when a man was coming from Sligo he met a bunch of cats outside the town. One of the asked him what was old ashy-pet of his doing at home. “It would fit her better, said they, if she were here with us and not lying in the ashes.” The man did not answer them but when he went home he told his wife. The cat was lying in the corner and when she heard this she jumped up a d shook herself and went out the door. The man and his wife never saw her from that day onwards.
    Another story tells us that when a woman was spinning about fifty black cats came into her one after another. The woman was alone in the house and though was afraid of them she did not want to put them out. She went to the room and brought down a
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    AT0113A: King of the Cats is Dead
    Margaret Flannagan
    Lisgorman, Co. Leitrim
    Mrs Flannagan
    Lisgorman, Co. Leitrim