School: Mastersons (roll number 8390)

Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim
Gobnait de Búit

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0197, Page 226

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The 25th February is a fair day in Mohill It is called "Monaghan Day" and up to about sixty years ago on that day all the disputes in the neighbourhood - political or otherwise - were settled. The whole day long batches of young men walked up and down the street armed with ash plants and at a word, or even a look sometimes, the fight started and was very fierce till the combatants were separated by R. I. C. men. Police from the surrounding districts had to be collected into the town for that day. During the year when neighbours fell out with each other they had a saying "Well Monaghan Day will pay for all."

Before going to the fair the plant was prepared for fighting. Brown paper was put loosely round the thick end of the plant. Lead was melted and poured into this and when hardened was like a deep, thick ferrule on the end of the plant. It was disguised by having a leather throng wound round it, and was a most dangerous weapon.

D. Boyd