School: Edenvella (roll number 5212)

Edenvella, Co. Leitrim
Domhnall Mac an Bhreithimh

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0190, Page 028

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Edenville N. School is in the parish of Kinlough.
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the Southern shore of Lough Melvin.

The adjoining townland on the East is named Rossfriar. This is a very backward and boggy place even today. A controversy was started by Mr Henry Morriss who was of opinion that the Annals of the Four Masters were compiled in a Monastery which was one time there.
I inquired locally and the most reliable account I could get was from Mr Bernard Gilbride who lived in Rossfriar but who is now living in Mullinaleck in the next townland. He says that there are the remains of some building that may have been inhabited by monks. He heard when he was young that bricks were made there but if they were I don't know where the clay came from unless they could have used the stiff clay which forms the subsoil of Edenville hill, which I think is known as gault in Eng.(?) and as daub or dób in Irish. There is certainly a plentiful supply of this. The townland is very poor land and almost impossible to drain.
The man Mc Gowan, mentioned before, who was known as "Johnny big Owen" was decidedly of opinion that there never

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Domhnall Mac an Bhreithimh