School: Edenvella (roll number 5212)

Edenvella, Co. Leitrim
Domhnall Mac an Bhreithimh

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0190, Page 027

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Edenville N. School is in the parish of Kinlough.

Edenville N. School is in the Parish of Kinlough. This Parish is the most northerly part of Co. Leitrim and of Connaught and forms part of the Diocese of Kilmore, where it touches the sea, as every Diocese in Ireland is said to have a sea board at some part.

Kinlough Parish originally formed part of the Parish of Rossinvee and is referred to in old writings as Rossinvee. It was formed into a separate Parish later on, the adjoining parish being called Rossinver.
The Patron saint of Kinlough is St. Aiden, Irish form of which is St. Moch or St. Mogue. This Saint belonged to the O Ruarc family who ruled Breffni in Uí Ruairc. He was Bishop of Wexford.
The name of the townland in which the school is situated seems to mean the hill brow of the old tree. An old man, who has since died (John Mc Gowan, Agharroo Kinlough) told me that it was named after St. Aiden, who came to reside there when he retired and who blessed a holy well (bile, also) but nobody knows now where this well was. St. Aiden is buried in Rossinver Graveyard on

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Domhnall Mac an Bhreithimh