School: Ballaghameehan (roll number 13908)

Tullyskeherny, Co. Leitrim
John Eames

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Ancient Trades

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0189, Page 177

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There were many ancient trades carried on in this parish long ago. All the people worked in their own homes instead of in mills.

There were a good many coopers in this parish long ago, the name of Runian, Tucker, McGuinness, Meehan, Dermot, and many others. Runian lived where the Tuckers are living now. He used to make "ferkins" that used to hold about 90 lbs of butter.
There was a man the name of Brock living in Druminargid where Michael McMorrow is living at present. He lived as a weaver. He used to make linens and woolens.
There was also a wheelwright the name of Edwards who lived in Aiden. He used to make spinning wheels and reels. He had also a trade called a "turnerr". He used to make caupins that used to lift buttermilk of the churn, and also wooden dishes. There was a man living in Raheelan the name of Michael Runian. He lived as a stone-sutter. There was also a sawyer

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John Eames
Tullyskeherny, Co. Leitrim