School: Ballaghameehan (roll number 13908)

Tullyskeherny, Co. Leitrim
John Eames

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Churning Long Ago

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0189, Page 175

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Long ago there were no creameries and people used to churn all their own milk and make butts and firkins of butter, and used to go to the market to sell that butter. Before they churned they washed and scalded the butter dishes the strainer and the butter spade. They used to believe that if a strainer came in to light his pipe or bring a coal to light his pipe when they would be churning that they would put Bad luck or take away the butter. Many stories are told about taking the butter "off the milk". It is said that a man in this parish was churning and he and his wife churned for nearly half a day and it is said that dirt instead of butter came up to the top of the lid. This man went to the priest and told him all about the churning and the priest asked him did he gave milk to anybody and he said he gave milk to a woman, the priest told him to go home that milk would be allright the next time but not to give milk to anybody anymore. There is another story told about churning, one time there was a woman

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John Eames
Tullyskeherny, Co. Leitrim