School: Ballaghameehan (roll number 13908)

Tullyskeherny, Co. Leitrim
John Eames

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A Hidden Treasure

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0189, Page 167

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Once upon a time there were three men from three different parts of the parish. Once was the name of Magee from Lattoone, the other Sheeran from Rossinver, and the other Pat Clinton from Conrea. They dreamt three niht in succession that there was a crock of gold hidden under a white-thorn bush in the townland of Conrea. None of them knew that the other dreamt fo it. This night the three men arrived at the one spot, at the same time. It was told to them in the dream that there was to be a black cat guarding it, and also that there would be a life lost. They brought a chicken with them to give to the cat, but they did not see the cat at all as it was a spirit in the form of black cat. The men dug down about four feet until they struck a stone flag. Fear overcame them and they were afraid to go any further. The gold is supposed to be there yet and the stone flag is also to be seen but it is partly covered over.

The gold is supposed to be hidden there

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John Eames
Tullyskeherny, Co. Leitrim