School: Sean Bhaile Árd (roll number 14663)

Shanballard, Co. Galway
Tomás Ó Murchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0083, Page 319

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0083, Page 319

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  1. XML School: Sean Bhaile Árd
  2. XML Page 319
  3. XML “The Imprisoned Leprechaun”

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  1. There was once an old woman who was very poor and who wished to get rich without earning it. One morning while milking her only cow she saw a little man in a red jacket sitting under an old bush hammering a shoe. She knew that this was the leprecaun and she said to herself she would try and catch him and make him tell her where he kept the little crock of gold which she was told he always kept hidden under some tree or bush. She stole up to him and grasped him tightly ordering him to tell her where he kept the gold. He said a poor man like him who spent his life mending shoes could have no gold. She resolved not to let him go until he told her and taking him home roughly she imprisoned him in a big chest which she locked. He remained there for two days still protesting that he had no gold but the old woman firmly believed that he had. At last getting tired of listening to his pitiful cries to be released she resolved to force him to tell her his secret. She boiled a pot of water and taking the leprecaun out of the chest she put him into a small box and then threatened to put him into the boiling water. At last he told her that the gold was hidden under an old bush not far away from which a wisp of hay hung She went to get it but found many bushes with hay hanging from them and again she threatened to put him into the boiling water if he didn't point out the right bush
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    Margaret Hawkins
    Beech Hill, Co. Galway
    Michael Kelly
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