School: Sean Bhaile Árd (roll number 14663)

Shanballard, Co. Galway
Tomás Ó Murchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0083, Page 301

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0083, Page 301

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  1. The following are the animals which inhabit this district. The fox, the badger, the squirrel, the (ottor) otter, or water dog, the rabbit, the hare, the weasel, and of the vermin species: the rat and the mouse.
    The Fox.
    In this district the fox is very destructive, killing hens, ducks, chickens and geese and sometimes young lambs. The neighbourhood is particularly suited to the foxes needs. There are many lonely unfrequented spots in the woods and bogs which are ideally suited for fox dens. The boys and men of the district often hunt the fox with dogs and sticks on Sundays and track him to his den and dig it out with spades in an endeavour to catch and kills him and thereby prevent him from harming the fowl of the neighbourhood. This practice provides great fun for the hunters and even against such odds the cunning reynard often remains at large scorning the traps laid for him.
    The badger. This type of animal is not very numerous in this district. There are one or two places which are favourite haunts of the animal. He burrows a hole in the ground and lives in it during the day but at night he comes out for food which consists principly of herbs and roots. He is a hibernating animal and saves hay for himself in summer which he stores in his den for the winter. He is a very ferocious animal when hurt
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