School: Sean Bhaile Árd (roll number 14663)

Shanballard, Co. Galway
Tomás Ó Murchadha

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0083, Page 292

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Tying a red cloth to a cow's tail. This practice is supposed safeguard the cow from any interference by the fairie.
Putting a coal under the churn before churning. By so doing it is believed that more butter will be on the milk when churned.
If a wisp of straw is seen traveling after a hen people say that it is the sign of a forthcoming death.
Two hens fighting are believed to foretell the arrival of a strange visitor.
The meeting of a red haired woman when setting out on a journeyis supposed to foretell ill-luck during the day.
People believe that ill-luck will fall on them if they lend anything on May Day, or if anything is lent it should be given back before that day.
If when putting on their clothes a person puts anything on inside out and does not change it, it is believed that good luck will fall on that person.
If when fixing the fire cinders fly out and around the person who fixes it people say that money will be bestowed on that person.
To let a walking stick fall when setting out on a journey is believed to feretell disappointment.
If a pin of nail seen on the road is picked up it is believed to bring good luck on that person.