School: Leitirfreag

Letterfrack, Co. Galway
Míchéal Ó hIfearnáin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0006, Page 009

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There was a smith living in Ballinakill where the road turns down to the Graveyard.
A man came to the smith's house one night and he told the smith to put three shoes on the horse. While the smith was putting the shoes on the horse the man said to him; you will be going the fair in Clifden tomorrow and you will buy a cow but if you'll take my advice you wont buy the cow until evening. You will meet me in the evening and I will sell you a cow.
The smith went to the fair next day and everything happened just as the man had said. The smith bought the cow.
When he used to milk the cow in the morning she used to go away out at the back of the Diamond Mountain. The cow used to have a calf every year and after a few years the smith had a big drove of cattle. He never got any trouble from the cattle until at last he thought he had two many cattle and he sold the cattle and

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Áine Ní Seóige
Mrs Joyce
Currywongaun, Co. Galway