School: Aill Bhreac (roll number 12103)

Aillebrack, Co. Galway
Eilís Bean Mhic Chonghaile

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Diarmuid Ó Túathail

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0005, Page 167

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Long ago there lived a man in Streamstown named Díarmuid Túathail. One November night he said to himself that he would go to Dun Hill to see what games the fairies were playing.
So he set out until he came to the hill and all the fairies were inside playing games and music. Díarmuid to their musical instrument and ran off with it. The fairies followed him to Droicheadh Brandy but they could not cross the river so they returned home again and Díamuid went home.
The following Novembers night he set out for Dun Hill again and as he was coming at Gleann na mBán he met three men carrying a coffin on their shoulders. The night was dark and he was carrying a coal and he threw it at the coffin. The men left the coffin down and ran away. Díamuid then opened it and there was a live woman within it. He then brought the woman home with him but she was deaf and dumb. On the third night he went back the door was opened. Díarmuid stood outside and he heard them arguing inside. One of them said to the other "You were not such a great man this night twelvemonth when Díarmuid Ó Túathail took the woman off you at Gleann na mBán."
Then a second fellow spoke, "She is not much

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