School: An Clochán (B)

Clifden, Co. Galway
An Br. Angelo Mac Shámhais
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0004, Page 163

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0004, Page 163

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  3. XML “The Three Wishes”

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  1. Long ago there was a man and his wife were living in the district of Clifden. They lived in this disrtict for many years. One night after they had taken their supper they sat down to the fire. After a little while they heard great music up in the chimney. The man looked up and saw a little man in a green jacket and a red cap playing a mouthorgan.
    The little man came down and said 'I am giving you three wishes for the fair day'. When the fair day came they were all excited. They went to the fairr. There was a cart coming along the road and it full with little stools. 'I wish' said the woman 'I had one of them stools for milking the cows'. In the moment a stool flew in into her arms.
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    Patrick Joyce
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