School: An Clochán (B)

Clifden, Co. Galway
An Br. Angelo Mac Shámhais
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0004, Page 153

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0004, Page 153

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  3. XML “The Magic Goat”

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  1. Long ago there lived in Clifden a boy named Tim and he never grew until he was thirteen years of age. He was very popular with all his chums and every night they used to have great sport on him. Every day he used to go up the mountain and he used to eat the yellow flowers on the whins. After that he was called Tim of the Whins. Tim had an old grandmother who was deaf and almost dumb. Herself and Tim used to have many an arguement and one day she said to Tim that she was robbed buying pants for him and she said that she'd go to Galway and buy leather to put a seat in his pants.
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