School: Eiscear (roll number 1000)

Esker, Co. Galway
Sinéad, Bean Uí Chonghalaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0003, Page 171

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0003, Page 171

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    game practised by boys. They go in groups and bring dogs and sticks. They favour woods, furry hill and also ditches surrounding sand hills where they think the rabbits are plentiful.
    It is great sport to see the boys chasing the rabbits with the dogs and killing them.
    Rounders is an other game which is played with at least five a side. A series of corners are laid out, the pitcher throws the ball to the striker who drives it as far as possible. He then tried to run round all the corners and return to the "hom before the ball can be fielded and thrown. If he is unable to reach the final base he much must negotiate as many as possible while he or one of his side is being fielded. If the striker be hit by the ball when not in the base or if a fielder catches the ball
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    Paddy Hanniffy
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