School: Feilm (roll number 10786)

Farm, Co. Galway
T. Ó Domhnaill

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Local Marriage Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0013, Page 009

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December 6th 1927
"Local Marriage Customs"
Long ago the old people believed that there were lucky days and lucky times of the year to be married, and if they did not get a certain dowy they would not be lucky. Some of the old people used say that pigs were unlucky to give but cattle, or horses, or money, were luck.
It was a customary thing for match making to be carried on in this locality, that is, some man in the village would go to the man that was to be married and settle the marriage and see did his parents agree to it.
On the day of the marriage all the neighbours would go to the church on their horses and they would put their wives sitting behind them. When they would be coming home they would be chasing to see who would be at the wedding house first and if their wives fell they would not wait to take them up they would be in so much hurry, and it would not be lucky to stand.
They would also race against each other and put their horses jumping, and all that was done in honour of the newly married pair. When they would land at the wedding house a big feast was prepared for them and they would go for a ride.
That evening a crowd of the local boys would dress in old torn clothes and go to the wedding house and ask drink. If they got it

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Martin Kenny
Moneen, Co. Galway