School: Fleasgach (roll number 15842)

Flaskagh More, Co. Galway
Ss. Ó Maonaigh

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Fleasgach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0012, Page 367

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the man heard the man heard the hound's agonising cry. While the man opened the door he saw his hound stretched dead on the floor, and the witch dying also. Three months after, the man died. There was a witch also in the vicinity of Cloonfad.

In the village of Looha a family came to live named the MacCartys. A hare came with them people hunted the hare in chases but could not catch them. One Sunday nine men came from Dunmore, Tuam Co. Galway. They searched the farm up and down and could not find it. They had given up all hopes and were standing up again a bush and had given up all hopes[?].