School: Cill Cúlach

Kilcooly, Co. Galway
Séamus Mac Lochlainn

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Cill Cúlach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0054, Page 0235

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According to custom, and according to rules
A bard at this cottage, was treated like fools
Too grand to admit him, too proud for to hear
Clapped the door against his nostrels, was something severe
Afraid to admit him, as old Gaitly said
The door must be closed as the cash was hard made.
Travelling to markets and fairs far away
Poor Hughie made money so Gaitly did say
Dont think said this woman that you can come in
To speak to the sister of proud Hughie Finn
Because this grand woman distains the young men
So keep away over from the house of Hugh Finn

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Once upon a time there lived a man in the parish of Mullagh.

Once upon a time there lived a man in the parish of Mullagh. It happened one day that he took a stroll through the fields not caring whither he put his foot steps. However after a time when he looked around he could'nt no where he was. So he kept strolling on until dusk when he saw a little house and making towards it he saw a very old and wrinkled little man crying outside the house. He asked him what was the trouble and he told him his father beat him. Wondering at such an old man to have a father alive he asked why did he beat him and he answered because I would not rock my grand-father and where is your grand-father said the man he is in the

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