School: Clochar na Trócaire, Cinn Mhara

Kinvarra, Co. Galway
Siúracha na Trócaire

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The Local Patron Saint

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0049, Page 0148

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Saint Colman is the patron saint of Gort and Kilmacduagh. He was born in Kiltartan. His mother’s name was Rinaghs and his father’s name was Duagh. Before he was born it was prophesied that Colman was to be the greatest man of his race. King Colman was king of Connaught at that time. He was a cousin of Duagh. When he heard the prophecy he was jealous. He told his soldiers to tie a stone round Rinagh’s neck and throw her into the river. They did that, but she was not drowned. She was saved by a miracle. A few days after that Colman was born, but there was no one to baptize the child. One day as Rinagh was praying two monks came along. One was blind, the other was lame. She asked them to baptize the child, but they had no water. One of them caught the child’s hand and touched the ground. Water sprang up and they baptized the child. The monks asked Rinagh to give them the child. We hear no more about Colman until he is a priest. He went to the Arran Islands and he built a church there. After some time he went over to the Burren Mountains

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