School: Cill Mhic Dhuach (roll number 6610)

Kilmacduagh, Co. Galway
Pádraig Ó Cathail

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Local Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0047, Page 0174

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Consumption: Long ago the old people had a custom of giving garlic as a cure for consumption. They used to cut up the garlic in small pieces, mix it with brandy or whiskey, and give it to the person that was suffering. They used it in another way also. They put it in their shoes under the soles of their feet and in this way the sap used go up through all the system to the lungs and thus cure the disease.
Chincough: If one met a man riding on a gray horse and if one asked him had he any cure for the chincough, whatever cure he would say that person would get cured.
Corns: If one washes ones feet in bogwater and then walk through the bog with their shoes off they would get cured of corns.

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